Being a down to earth Kiwi company, Sandford Industries prides itself in our sustainability programme.

We understand that a lot of waste product is created during the manufacturing process and we do what we can to minimise the effect it has on the environment.

Sandford Industries currently has three recycling processes in place; one for all cardboard waste, one for our plastics and our major one being for PVC.

When manufacturing our gumboots waste is created from the purge in the union machine, gumboot seconds and apron offcuts. Sandford Industries sends this waste PVC to Matta Products to use in their production of safety matting used in children’s playgrounds. For 18 years Matta Products have used recycled PVC to create these mats.

We also have the ability to introduce a gumboot recycling program into your food processing plant and would be happy to assist you in setting one up. If you are interested then contact us.